Aside 2 Mar


Why did Hitler choose to fight on to the bitter end? By January 1944, it was clear the Allies were on the cusp of victory. It was zugzwang, the proverbial move in chess where an opponent realizes they will inevitably be checkmated and can chose to either capitulate or fight on to their imminent destruction. So why did Hitler choose the latter? And why did the German people choose to fight with him? Even in April 1945, as the Allies grew closer and closer to Berlin, average Germans were still unquestioningly carrying out Hitler’s edicts. Was it a form of Stockholm Syndrome? Was it misplaced loyalty? Was it perpetuated by German commanders who did not wish to mirror the humiliation of the First World War? Was it fear of the alternatives to Nazism? Or was it perpetuated by Allied demands of unconditional surrender? Hitler had promised a thousand year Reich to his people, but as 1944 drew to a close that dream became ever fleeting. Why do you think the people of the Third Reich chose to aid their veritable captors in the defense of Hitler’s dying dream? 


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